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Pocket Strop & Cover V.2


Image of Pocket Strop & Cover V.2
  • Image of Pocket Strop & Cover V.2
  • Image of Pocket Strop & Cover V.2
  • Image of Pocket Strop & Cover V.2
  • Image of Pocket Strop & Cover V.2

About Strop:
Keep Your Blades Sharp With Pocket Strop. Pocket Sized, Durable, 3D Printed "Wood-Infused", “Carbon Fiber” or “Red” base with 5”x1” piece of leather. Made in America.
Perfect for Everyday Carry, Work & Utility Blades, Camping, Kitchen, Razors, Backpacks, Survival Bags & Tackle Box.

About Cover:
Protect your Strops & your Pockets with our 3D Printed “Carbon Fiber” cover. Secured with 10 screws on the outside and two O-Rings on the inside, your Strop will be secured but easily removable. Compatible with our Single-Sided Pocket Strops (Will not fit Double-Sided Strops)

Color to abrasion ratio is as follows:
Black-Coarse-All Cut
White-Medium-Mostly Cut, Some Polish
Green-Fine-Mostly Polish, Some Cut
Red-Finer-All Polish

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Stropping?
Stropping re-aligns parts of the blade edge that have been bent out of alignment. In other cases, especially when abrasive polishing compound is used, stropping may remove a small amount of metal.

Is Stropping A Replacement For Sharpening?
Stropping your blades is meant as a Non-Invasive way of maintaining a sharp edge and prolong the need for stone sharpening. Stropping will not return a dull knife to a sharp edge but in the case of the "Black" compound, a semi-dulling knife can be returned to a sharp state.

How Do I Strop?
Stropping uses the "reverse" direction of traditional sharpening stones. Each purchase will include detailed instructions on how to strop.

Does The Compound Wear Off My Strop?
Yes, Although our method of heat based applying of the compound assures that a liberal amount of compound will be applied to each strop. Compound will eventually need to be reapplied. Please check our shop page for available compound bars.

How Can I Clean My Strop?
You will notice that after continues use, your strop may have become visably darkened or feels "slick" when using. This is a result of steel fragments collecting from your blades. When a strop is visibly has become about 50% with steel fragments, apply a few small drops over non-flavored olive oil and rub around the compounded leather. Then gently wipe clean with a paper towel. Please not that these methods will remove some compound from your strop.

What Type Of Leather Is Used?
We currently use Veg Tan Leather on the "Coarse" side of the leather because of its ability to retain compound more efficiently.

What Is The Safest Way To Strop?
Whenever stropping a blade. We reccomend that you use protective gloves and eyewear. A strop should be placed of a flat sturdy surface and only be held by the handle. Always take slow strokes and never lose sight of the blades positioning.

How Do I Reapply Compound?
For Wax-Based compound such as the type we use. The safest way to re-apply compound will do rub the bar in a quick back and forth motion on the leather. The end of the compound bar can also be heated to a semi-melting